Kijk Mij Eens! 100 portraits of gay men in image and text, preface by Boris Dittrich.

Available with two different cover colors: blue / purple and green. Dutch language.

How far have we come in the social emancipation of gay men in the Netherlands?
Jaap de Jonge spoke with 100 gay men about their passion, their profession and their view of life and photographed them in their own living environment. All of these men, under favorable or less favorable circumstances, have chosen to openly acquire a place in society as homosexual.

The 100 portraits show on the one hand that we are very privileged in the Netherlands to be who we are, but on the other hand that that is not always self-evident.
With this book Jaap de Jonge hopes to be able to contribute to the social acceptance of homosexuals. Moreover, the book is an aid to all men who, for whatever reason, still have to fight for their visibility as homosexual.

Boris Dittrich on Kijk Mij Eens!: ‘I see the coffee table book Kijk Mij Eens! as a tribute to everything we have achieved in the Netherlands in the last fifty years. And as a source of inspiration for all those who have yet to take the step to full self-acceptance. ”

Language: Dutch