Extraordinary for Fisting, amazing for sex and masturbation

Made in France with a strong, extremely slippery and long lasting formula that is 100% safe, give that ass a royal treatment it deserves.

Unlike many of the well known fisting products, Fist Powder has been developed especially for the purpose of in an ass. It does not contain any preservatives or toxics and is hypoallergenic. Once prepared, the lube does not have any taste or smell – you can even lick it. Keep it untouched (by human hands) 24h/48h maximum in your refrigerator.

Gear up and don’t be afraid to use FistPowder with any of your Fetish-wear: Leather, neoprene, rubber, gloves, underwear and others.

FistPowder does not stain any of your garments or your surroundings and is washable with water. Once the lube is dry it becomes powder again and can be easily wiped or washed of your body within seconds. No more endless hours of cleaning up after your play session.

FistPowder is easy to handle, does not result in any slimy spaghetti-like strings and moreover is instantly ready to use.

FistPowder can be perfectly used for penetration with or without toys, masturbation, all kind of massages and electro-stimulation due to its good conductance.

Ingredients: Maltodextrine, Xanthan Gum, Poly(ethylene oxide)

How to use:
1- Using cap provided, measure just 5 to 7g of FistPowder
2- Poor 300 ml of warm water in a container / blender, add 5/7g. Shake thoroughly / blend until a smooth gel forms. Complete with the last 200 ml water. Remember, first the warm water then the powder!
3- Play with thickness or concentration by reducing or adding the amount of powder when mixing.