Who would have guessed that those sweet, sexy boy next door types are actually serial killers. Certainly none of their victims. This anthology contains six stories on the theme of serial killers. Best Buddies: Aiden and Sonny; straight buddies with a penchant for porn, murder… and each other. Nurse Betty: During the most powerful hurricane to hit New York, a predator hunts the male doctors, nurses, and patients of St. Christo hospital. The Hit: The hunter had his prey clearly in the crosshairs. Who would want this elegant beautiful creature dead? Tuesdays with Nathan: Their similarities brought them together, but would ultimately be what would tear them apart. Twins: Sexy, but brutal scientist, Victor is sleeping with both twins. Is there such a thing as the ‘perfect’ twin? Vengeance: What makes a man into a submissive?

Language: English