Seventeen-year-old Daniela (Alicia Rodríguez in a fearless and unforgettable performance) is obsessed with sex. But her self-proclaimed passion is in direct conflict with her well-to-do, strict evangelical family in Santiago, Chile. Finding an outlet by detailing her ruminations and exploits on her blog Young & Wild to her eager online followers, Daniela soon finds kindred spirits in handsome and pious Tomas and co-worker Antonia. As she struggles to balance both relationships, Daniela learns that having it all – sex, love and eternal salvation – is more complicated than she ever imagined. Masterfully directed by first-timer Marialy Rivas and co-written by Camila Gutiérrez (on whose life story it is based), YOUNG & WILD is a stunning, erotic look at family and youth culture in contemporary Chile.

DVD | 1 disc | Spanish | Dutch subs | 92:00 minutes | 2012 | 09 oktober 2012