Snow is a rarety these days, so why not just create your own small snow adventure? Remember, don’t play with yellow snow.

1. Open the packet of Magic Snow and pour contents in a large bowl.
2. Fll the Magic Snow Container with ice cold water and add a little to the Magic Snow at a time until you get a fluffy appearance.
3. Add more water a little at a time as necessary.
4. For the best result, mix formula for about 3 minutes.

Done with it for today? Place the mixed formula in the freezer for next time.

How to make a snow(wo)man:
Add enough extra water to the mix, after preparing it, so the mixture is damp enough that it will hold together like a snowball.
Use household items, beads or other things to decorate it.

WARNING! May cause blockage of airways or throat if swallowed.

Contains sodium-polyacrylate.