The most GAYotic game

Vintage, Gay-themed Monopoly variant published in a limited edition from 1994.

With HomNoPolis you’ll be bar-hopping in Amsterdam and be visiting the various gay venues. Different things will happen on the way, not only brought to you by the Social Service cards and Now What!? cards, but also by your own ingenuity in negotiations with your fellow players.

You can buy bars and other properties when you land on them. Note that you can only start to buy when you have run the total board at least once! Selling and negotiating is only allowed when it is your turn and before you have thrown the dice. Players are obliged to follow instructions such as Now What!? and Go To SM-Cellar.

From the original flyer (1994):
Who will be the King of the Cottages?
Who has the most gay streets? And who spends most of his time in the SM Cellar?
Experience it all with HomoNoPolis, the most ‘Gayotic’ Game!!
Go on a gay bar-hopping tour through Amsterdam. Try to acquire as many bars and other meeting places as possible, while luring your fellow players into your watering holes.
But make sure they pay their barbills! And look out for the many pitfalls. Many a time you’ll cry out:’Now what?’ as you land on that square again.
What will it be? Pay or earn? Social services is breathing down your neck. Your barkeepers are nagging you for their holiday allowance for weeks and your backrooms desperately need a lick of paint.
Where on earth do you get all the money from?
Suddenly you find yourself on the brink of bankruptcy.
But who knows, everything will turn out right in the end…

Perhaps this story sounds familiar and realistic enough to you. Except that last sentence. Because, sadly, for many of us, it doesn’t “turn alright in the end.”
Although medical science has now made many important advances, there is still no adequate cure for Aids.
We’re on the way, but we’re not there yet. However, we can ensure that the life of HiV-infected people is made as ‘normal’ and as comfortable as possible.
When you buy this game, you support various projects involving HiV-infected people.
Five Dutch hospitals now have special “Rhapsody” hydrotherapy baths thanks to your support for HomoNoPolis.
So it’s not just a question of you doing yourself a favor and having fun with the game- you’ll be doing many others a favor too.

On the board, which is made into the form of a pink triangle, you’ll find the colors of the rainbow at the places you can buy.

These colors you can also find back in the money.

You play with pink dices and pawns in rainbow colors which are shaped as the famous “Amsterdammertjes”, a true gay symbol.

Instead of houses you buy bars. You don’t buy hotels, but darkrooms. You don’t go to prison, but you spend time in an SM-cellar.

You want to buy a famous Amsterdam gay business? You can be the owner of the iT, the Amstel Taveerne or the Vivelavie; you name it!

A bilingual booklet with the rules of the game gives you more information about the history of gay Amsterdam, an explanation about the colors of the rainbow flag, the history of the pink triangle and much more background information.

Language: English and Dutch