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Gays&Gadgets Bonuscard

Discounts and Rebates, Coupons and Cash-Backs are mostly restricted in certain ways which makes it easy for customers to comply with.

Developed by Friends Medien Go Friends - Gay Rewards had convinced us to participate: A transparant, logical and easy-to-use GLBT Bonus Program, well-equipped with hihg technology and operated by a well-known and reiable community firm is the perfect tool to reward you for your loyalty.

Hard copy registration forms are available at all Go Friends partners businesses. Register for the Gays&Gadgets Bonuscard is easily and quickly. During the application will ask you to include you name, address and birth date. Purchases that you already have done over the Internet, or in the store are automatically registered to your card.

Your Bonus Card will be shipped to you by mail, personalized with your name, if requested. A physical card is required to view your account balance and to use or redeem points.

Gays&Gadgets Bonus Card instantly apply?

It will open a pop-up window and there you can use your card apply for Gays&Gadgets!

Participation is FREE!
Participation in the Go Friends - Gay Rewards Program is free. The registration card for Gays&Gadgets and participation is free, the card will also be sent free!

Data Protection!
During the registration process you will be asked to enter your name and address. All personal data will be files on secured server of Friends Medien, Lindenstrasse 25, 71686 Remseck/Germany as the operator of Go Friends - Gay Rewards.

Your personal data can be viewed only by the partner business you have registered with. In addition to that your name and city of residence is visible for those partner businesses where you have used your card. No personal data will be visible to other partner businesses as described above. No personal data will be given or sold to third parties at any time - only in case of fraud or crime. 

Reward Restrictions
While shopping and/or buying services at one of the Fo Friends partner businesses you will earn minimam 1 Bonus Pouint per € 1,- spent on purchases/services. While using points the value is set to € 0,01 (1 ct) per Bonus Point. Outside the eurozone's member countries the € is replaced by the local currency (CHF/$/£). 

(no points will be given on services/purchases if discount is prohibited by legal regulations.

And more about the Gays&Gadgets Bonus Card
The Gays&Gadgets Bonus Card:
- We reward you with minimum 1 Bonus Point for every € spent while shopping at Underground Fetish.
- You may also earn additional Bonus Points on your card at one of the Go Friends partner businesses.
- Bonus Points might be used or redeemed at any time at Underground or at one of the Go Friends partner businesses. 1 Bonus Point is valued at € 0,01 (1ct). (outside the eurozone the € is replaced by local currency (CHF/$/£).

Gays&Gadgets Bonuscard