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Tips for Finding Your Size

First have a look at our size tables. If your measurements vary slightly, we recommend the smaller size from experience.

The most reliable method is to come for a fitting in our retail shop.

We have all our most popular models arranged by size for you to try. If you have a long way to travel we would ask you to arrange your visit with us in advance. Then we can guarantee that we will have the models you want ready for you.

We will be happy to help you find the right size and give our support on all questions to do with measuring. We will of course exchange any mistakenly selected sizes.

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Size Tables

1 millimetre (mm) = 0,04 inch or 1/25" or 40 mils
1 centimetre (cm) = 0,39 inch
1 metre (m) = 3,28 ft or 9,84"
1 inch = 2,54 cm
1 foot = 30,48 cm

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An item from our selection might fit you perfectly except for a few small details. In this case, a made-to-measure article is unnecessary. Try on the model closest to your size in our retail shop. We will take the alterations on the spot, and then the article will remade for you. The additional charge is 10-15 % on the basic model. Typical alterations of this type are:

- Length alterations in arms and legs
- Waistband alterations on trousers (higher, lower, tighter)
- Different colours or colour combination (no additional charge)

Extras such as pockets, zip variations or coloured stripes have fixed additional charges.
You can find these in the selection menus for each article, or in our price list.

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We also make all our models individually to suit your measurements. We offer this service for widely differing customer measurements. The additional charge is 30% on any specific model in any size.

For new designs we will send you an free advance estimate including price, delivery time and details of makeup.

To take your measurements please make an appointment with us at our retail shop.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about measuring. Once your measurements have been taken our designer will cut out a pattern on paper. This is our model for cutting the latex to size. We keep this pattern for at least two years to use in the making up of subsequent articles.

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Theatre, Film and Television

In the course of the last years we have had many orders from theatre, film and television productions. We can make up to your specifications, or deliver all the materials to you, with the processing instructions.